Friday, January 9, 2015

P O E T X T S, by franciszka voeltz

Imaginary Friend Press is happy to release the first book in 2015, franciszka voeltz's P O E T X T S! This book was selected for publication from our first chapbook contest in 2014.

This book of tiny lyrical poems is full of gorgeous language and movement.
P O E T X T S is also a micro chapbook, which means it is IFP's physically smallest book to date!

Order franciszka voeltz's P O E T X T S follow the paypal button below for $5. If you have any ordering questions write to us at

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

To Live Here, by Soul Vang

Imaginary Friend Press is proud to release Soul Vang's first full length collection of poems To Live Here. Vang's book was selected for the 2014 reading period, and IFP is so proud to have given home to such a stunning book.

To Live Here was one of hundreds of books we received, but Vang's narrative grit and delicate lyricism detailing an experience we hadn't considered pushed this book to the top of our 'must read again and again' pile.

Here is some praise for Vang's accomplishment:

In To Live Here, Soul Vang has given us a meditation on identity and place, history's conversation within our daily lives, from the Dragon River to the San Joaquin Valley in California, from childhood to fatherhood, from the war in the mountains of youth to service in uniform during the Cold War in Germany. Soul Vang has given us a deeply human book, one that teaches me more about the place I call home, too. In turn, Vang's poems teach us more about the world we live in, the places we call home.

Brian Turner, author of My Life as a Foreign Country and Here, Bullet

To Live Here is a compilation of emotions and stories gathered by a man in love with poetry. Every poem is an expression of his sensitivity to the form; every story is a testament to the strength of memory in remembering feelings and faces in a life full of departure.  This is one more addition to the document of the Hmong American experience.  Soul Vang has captured the essence of his truth on this road to being Hmong in the world.

Kao Kalia Yang, author of The Late Homecomer

To Live Here costs $15 with shipping included. Use the Paypal button below, follow this Amazon link, or email imaginaryfriendpress (at) gmail (dot) com for more information

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Chapbook Contest 2014

Submissions will be accepted between October 15th, 2014 and December 15, 2014.

The winner will be announced in May. This contest is open to anyone who does not identify as a straight, white male. This exclusion is very purposeful. Imaginary Friend Press wants to promote voices that are often ignored and often dismissed.

 If you’re curious if you’re being excluded ask yourself these questions:
Are you white?
Are you male?
Are you straight (heteronormative)?
If you answered yes to all three we wish you the best of luck winning another contest with your manuscript. We would also like to remind you that Imaginary Friend Press reads chapbooks in the month of August, but we're sticking with our mission to celebrate new and diverse voices here.

The winning book will be published by Imaginary Friend Press. The author will receive an honorarium of $100 and 20 copies of their book. Imaginary Friend Press may also (and hopes to) select other books for publication.

Imaginary Friend Press editors will read all manuscripts and forward the finalists on to our esteemed readers. They will collectively make the final decision.
 This year the final readers are:
Gary Jackson, author of Missing You, Metropolis
Margaret Bashaar, author of Stationed Near the Gateway
Noel Pabillo Mariano, contributing writer to
Patty Paine, author of Feral 
Yu-Han Chao, author of One Woman Fruit Stand

 To submit the entry fee is $10 and every entry gets a copy of the winning book (US addresses only. Simultaneous submissions are accepted as long as IFP is informed of publication elsewhere. Multiple submissions are allowed with entry fees for each submission.

Manuscripts must be between 12-20 pages in length. Manuscripts must be paginated, have a table of contents and an acknowledgements section (if poems have been published individually). Manuscripts may have individual poems published, but they should not be published as a whole elsewhere.

Style and theme are open. There should not be any art, photographs, images included in the manuscript.

This is not a first book contest, but authors seeking their first book publication are encouraged to submit. Multi-authored collections are acceptable, but IFP can still only award one honorarium.

Questions? Please email us at Submit to Imaginary Friend Press

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

request, by doris davenport

Imaginary Friend Press is happy to release request, by doris davenport! This book was submitted for Imaginary Friend Press's  chapbook competition held in winter of 2013.

This chapbook includes 14  poems by doris davenport. These poems are full of desire, memories, motivations, and celebrations.

$7 includes shipping. Email only questions about orders to imaginaryfriendpress(at)gmail(dot)com.
 Order through Paypal or order and submit using Submittable here

Here's a sample, the poem "Accidental Wind (Incidentally, Actually":

sailing northwest to go east

bad discovery

colonial minds racist ideology

torpid history burns go ask the river

("go ask Alice /remember what the walrus

said / feed your head feed your head")

leave the head in a slow rush down to the

warbly gurggly gitalong.

giggle in giggly interstices

create a thing unnamed & new

leave the head & take it too rolling

rolling rolling

Monday, June 30, 2014

Our Next Full Length Book Is...

Imaginary Friend Press is happy to announce that Soul Vang’s book To Live Here  is the winner of our second full length book contest! We received over one hundred and forty entries and we’re amazed at how difficult they made this decision.

 Here is a list of finalists to be on the look out for in the future (in no particular order):

Adam Crittenden Field Spectrum
Laura Merleau Fusion
Coco Owen Gaud Gospel
Yu-Han Chao  Body Shots
Danielle Sellers Minor Territories
Aimee Mackovic Confessions of a Love Junky
Rich Murphy Storage Shed

 Look for To Live Here coming this fall/winter from IFP.

Monday, June 16, 2014

One Woman Fruit Stand, by Yu-Han Chao

Imaginary Friend Press is happy to release One Woman Fruit Stand, by Yu-Han Chao! This is the winner of our first chapbook competition held in winter of 2013.

This chapbook includes 18 brand new poems by Yu-Han Chao. These poems are full of lyricism about motherhood, illness, and love. There are also three gorgeous illustrations by Sharon McGill to accompany the book.

$7 includes shipping. Email only questions about orders to imaginaryfriendpress(at)gmail(dot)com.
 Order through Paypal or order and submit using Submittable here

 Here's the poem "Kodama" as a sample:


Terrifying ambivalent-faced
kodama spirit
all holes
rotating head
interchangeable eyes mouth eyes
click click click
bending occasionally at the elbows and knees

When the antlered forest spirit was
a thousand little friends of xgg fell down
aborted rain, symbolic of happenings around the world
in cities, in forests
wormholes in your baby tomatoes
black on ripe red
click click click