Friday, February 8, 2013

People are Places are Places are People - by Jeff Alessandrelli

Imaginary Friend Press is happy to release People are Places are Places are People, by Jeff Alessandrelli! This chapbook includes an introduction by Elisa Gabbert as well as 22 of Alessandrelli's fantastic poems. These lyrical poems presume to and fail at explaining the experiences we each have experienced that have slippery names.

An excerpt from the title poem "People are Places are Places are People":

"Father disrobed in it
the way a man stranded for decades 
on a deserted island                                   

might disrobe.
Was a superbly prolific eater, father.

Mother loved life and to work.

Today I live in a house

feeling I’m constantly dreaming

what I might once have been
busy being."


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